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Patent Transactions


Argus will help you prepare, negotiate and record patent assignments, asset purchase agreements, joint development agreements and other transactional agreements. 


Patent Assignments and Asset Purchase Agreements 

Patents are property and can be assigned from one party to another, whether independently or part of a larger asset purchase agreement. Argus can help you negotiate, prepare, and record patent assignments with the USPTO that properly convey the chain of title from a first party to a second.

Joint Development Agreements

Joint development agreements are used when two businesses want to collaborate to develop a new product or form a collaborative or joint business venture. When dealing with innovative technology, patent rights can be a core component of the joint venture. Argus can help you negotiate and prepare joint development agreements that establish clear intellectual property ownership rights.

Independent Contractor Agreements

Many businesses and inventors need to hire a product developer or software developer to bring a product to market. It is important to have the proper independent contractor agreement in place to secure the rights in the IP that is developed between the parties. 

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