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1635 Market Street, Suite 1600

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103

(717) 322-4779

(717) 699-6158

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What Makes Us Different

Argus was founded with the purpose of providing strategic intellectual property counseling to independent inventors, startup companies, and small businesses to large corporations. Our goal is to provide our clients with high quality legal services at affordable rates.

Quality and Service are the cornerstones of our firm.

  1. Quality

    1. Develop a relationship with the Partners. The partners at Argus perform and review all legal work prior to client review.

    2. Direct Communication.  Every client communicates directly with a patent attorney to discuss legal work and have the legal process explained.


  2. Service

    1. Responsive.  We pride ourselves on promptly responding to client inquiries whether via telephone, fax, letter or e-mail. We use modern, efficient methods of staying connected with the partners through Easy, Real-Time Scheduling.

    2. Empowerment.  We empower our clients with the information they need to succeed and make important decisions.

    3. Strategic Counseling.  We understand the diverse business goals of each of our clients and ensure the IP strategy path is aligned with those business goals.

    4. Honest Risk Assessment. You can expect an honest, straightforward evaluation of: the merits of your case; the drawbacks and hurdles in your case; the chances that you will prevail; and what the costs and risks will be if you proceed.

    5. Honest, Upfront Billing. We believe that lawyers should not be in the business of sales. That's why we publish our rates, and we make sure that all financial issues are clearly understood before we move forward with any representation. We use Electronic Payment Options to facilitate …

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